Investor Information

The Symphony Group, through our parent company Symphony House Berhad, is listed on the Main Board of the Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad stock exchange.

The Group was founded in 2002 by a group of technology industry practitioners and business entrepreneurs, led at the helm by Datuk Azman Yahya, a former investment banker.

Symphony House is the apex of the Symphony Group; acting as the investment holding company, strategic hub and shared services centre for the Group. Under the watchful regard of our Board of Directors and stakeholders, we place emphasis on corporate governance and risk management throughout the Group.

The Board has principal responsibility of protecting and enhancing long-term shareholders’ value and the interests of other stakeholders. Towards achieving these objectives, they are committed to ensuring that the highest standards of corporate governance are consistently observed by the Group, not only by due observance of the Principles and Best Practices on Corporate Governance, as set out in the Malaysian Code of Corporate Governance, but also put in place stringent parameters and measures such as the Group’s Investor Relations policy for adherence by the Management. By upholding integrity and professionalism in its management of the affairs of the Group, the Board aims to enhance business efficacy and corporate accountability.

Our efforts in promoting corporate governance were recognized in 2005 as the first MESDAQ Market member recipient of the Malaysian Business Good Corporate Governance Award 2005. Since then we have won other corporate governance as well as industry awards and merits.

At Symphony we’re focused on providing you with services that help you focus on your core business; this means we assist in providing the peripheral infrastructure you need to suit your needs and help your business function smoothly.

Our Business Process Outsourcing Services cater to every aspect of a business or company – from corporate secretarial, share issuance and share registration to more complex processes like payroll processing, financial accounting, cheque processing and customer relationship management.

Symphony has successfully formulated and implemented customized solutions for many organisations, including Fortune 500, Global 500 and large conglomerates across Asia Pacific, US and Europe under tight time constraints, allowing them to:

  • Lower operating and future development costs
  • Free up resources for more urgent, profitable or strategic purposes
  • Improve business performance
  • Integrate business processes and systems for centralized control and better operations visibility

The united Symphony Group is still young. It will continue to grow, evolve and remain relevant in the industries of which it intends to become the leader.