Project Management

The mapping of our clients’ complex business processes is driven by science – the science of Project Management. Rigorous Project Management is the foundation of successful implementation and service delivery. We plan to deliver and then deliver to plan.

Eugene John Liew Kong
Manager – PMO

Project Management

Sixty-six percent of large program initiatives fail to achieve their business objectives. Further, they are delivered late or substantially over budget.

Most of these failures are people-related and can be traced back to:

  • Underestimating project complexity
  • Lack of firm leadership, commitment and sponsorship
  • Poor cross-functional communication
  • Lack of integrated planning
  • No defined success metrics
  • Poor requirements management
  • Lack of broad change management
  • Misaligned stakeholder expectations
  • Lack of resources

By establishing firm Project Governance and Project Performance Matrices, and maintaining a clear view of the Critical Path, one can navigate to a successful conclusion.

At Symphony, we take project management extremely seriously – it’s one of our core skill sets. We have a strong team of experienced, professional project managers, who are committed to providing outstanding client service.

We plan to deliver, and deliver to plan.

Project Management Methodology

Project Organization Chart

Client Resource Requirements (payroll projects)

Governance Model