Share Issuance and Registration Solutions


Symphony’s Share Issuance & Registration Solutions help our clients to manage their investor portfolio and other corporate exercises that they may undertake.

With over 20 years of experience behind us as a service provider combined with a dedicated team of professionals and support staff, we at Symphony aim to provide you with focused, efficient and able to provide expert solutions to numerous corporate projects.

Service Highlights

Share Issuance

What happens when your company has reached a certain level of development and seeks new heights of growth through successful listing and capital raising on the stock exchange? That is when our Share Issuance Solutions can offer you its services.

Our Share Issuance Solutions has been managing IPOs and other types of capital raising exercises for many years. As the premier issuing services company, we offer a wealth of experience; a team of dedicated personnel and custom solutions to help ensure your capital raising exercises are truly successful ones.

We are one of only two licensed issuing houses in Malaysia, plays an important role as an intermediary between companies seeking capital expansion through initial public offers (IPO) and investors who subscribe to the securities of the issuers and works closely with regulatory authorities, corporate advisers and its sister companies under the Symphony Group to dispense innovative and investor-friendly issuance services specialised to suit your corporate and business requirements. We aim to deliver a total solution to ensure that your transition from private to public listed company is as smooth as possible.

If your company is seeking listing on any of the Bursa Malaysia Exchanges or undergoing a corporate exercise that requires capital restructuring for your company, then we are the people to call for your issuing services.

The path to listing is not an easy one – as you would know if your company has embarked on a public listing exercise – there are many prerequisites on a listing application and still many more post-conditions to fulfill and sustain after listing – its all part of the public listing experience of the Malaysian capital market. In the middle of it all, is the Initial Public Offer (IPO) event – the crux of the listing process. This is where we come into the picture to ensure the success of your listing project.

Complex Process

Organising an IPO is not an easy task. It involves synergistic teamwork from all parties to the process – that includes Symphony’s share issuance solutions and you.

Our work covers the breadth and depth of the IPO process – from IPO advisory, review of prospectus to balloting and issuing notifications to the IPO applicants, right up to your listing day event. We provide you with an experienced team and ready infrastructure to carry this out successfully.

By managing your IPO administrative process, we function as an extension of your professional corporate team to ensure that the IPO process is a credible and successful one.

Continuous Improvement

We continue to improve ourselves through process and technological innovation – a milestone in point is the time when we became the first issuing house to introduce Electronic Share Application for IPOs with participating banks and finance companies in 1999 and participated in the Internet Share application process with various securities and stock broking houses offering such services to their investing clients beginning 2003.

IPO Enquiry Services

At Symphony we understand the importance of your investment. That is why we have our IPO Enquiry Services to help get the right information on your investment.

Our trained and courteous staff will help you get the right information on:

Share Issuance Services

  • Current initial public offers (IPO) and other capital raising exercises managed by us, including opening and closing dates for application, prospectus locations, application drop-centres
  • IPO application procedures
  • IPO application status
  • Payment and returned payment status

Find out more about our Share Issuance services offering by Malaysian Issuing House Sdn Bhd at or call our IPO Enquiry Services at 03-78418000.

Shared Registration

Our shareholder registry infrastructure can be tailored to any type of shareholding structure and shareholder type – be it from individual shareholders to institutional investors. Most importantly, our service includes maintaining and updating the Principal Register of Members (Principal Registrar) of your company in compliance with the Companies Act 1965 and any other relevant statutes under the law of the country.

Our range of services include:

Employee Share Option Scheme (ESOS) Management Services

This service helps you to implement and maintain your Company’s ESOS programme.

Dividend Distribution Infrastructure

This service is a secure and efficient infrastructure which helps you to swiftly disburse dividend funds to shareholders through relevant payment distribution channels. Among the services unique to Symphony are:

  • Direct Dividend Payment Service©
    Launched in 2003, this service is an innovative step in the dividend distribution service in Malaysia which enables shareholders who receive direct dividend payment have their monies safely credited to their accounts instead of cheques via ordinary mail.
  • Bulk Cheque Cutting Services©
  • Contact Centres for Investors
    We at Symphony understand that communicating with shareholders is a vital part of your investor relations’ efforts. That is why we have a pool of trained and courteous enquiry personnel on-hand to attend to shareholders’ requests and answer queries in regard to their shareholding and shareholding-related transactions.
  • Liaison Centre for Regulatory and Financial Institutions
    An infrastructure to operate interaction with various institutions involved from the regulatory bodies, exchange to the financial institutions involved in the share registry and dividend distribution process on your behalf.
  • Document Management, Storage and Logistics
    Our Document Management, Storage and Logistics Services provides you with all the convenience of a ready document management, storage and delivery system. This includes updating shareholder information, dividend disbursements, annual reports and corporate circular distribution, and promotional material for targeted market distribution.
  • Project and Event Management on Corporate Projects
    Our Project and Event Management Team is able to provide the tools and expertise required to ensure your corporate activities and projects are a success. This includes corporate advisory and project planning, management of corporate events right down to the nitty-gritty document management and logistics process.

In summary, Symphony provides the necessary service infrastructure to manage your investor relations and corporate exercises, relieving you the burden of setting up an elaborate and often costly in-house infrastructure that takes up precious time to set-up and maintain.

Help and advice are readily available from a dedicated Client Manager who has significant experience in managing similar projects in client companies. Our experienced Client Service Team is available to attend to your shareholders’ enquiries. Our dedicated and flexible Support Team ensures that we deliver our service promise with speed and accuracy.

Everyone at Symphony plays a part in providing you this trusted service.